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As the flagship course of the University of the Philippines Visayas, CFOS students embody Honor and Excellence wherever they go.

Equipped with knowledge and skills geared towards the development of the fisheries sector, sustainable utilization of fish and fishery resources, and preservation of aquatic habitats, Mga Anak ni Diwata will always ascend, conquer the challenges, and uplift the Philippine fisheries industry.


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The UPV College of Fisheries and Ocean Science Student Council (UPV CFOS SC) is the highest student governing body in the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences that embodies the ideals of free studentry and promotes the interest and general welfare of the students. It also advances the intellectual, socio-political, moral, and physical development of its members – the student body. CFOS SC’s activities aim to broaden the perspectives of the studentry in fisheries both as a profession and as a sector, enriching their leadership skills. Some activities prepare the students to respond to current sector issues and public service engagements. This academic year’s highly regarded activities are Fisheries in Foresight, Diwatakutan, and How To Train Your Council, among others.

Fisheries in Foresight is a webinar highlighting the conservation and sustainable approaches in fisheries resource management. The webinar focuses on the importance of ocean biodiversity to ensure healthy and resilient oceans, the contribution of sustainable aquatic resource utilization to global food security, and the protection of livelihoods and communities that depend on fishing. The webinar is partnered with several socio-academic and socio-political organizations in UPV, such as UP Ichthyophilic Society, UP Fisheries Guild, and UPV Graduate Students in Fisheries Association, among others.

Diwatakutan is a virtual event celebrating the 2021 Halloween Party and General Assembly. The first part of the event is the 1st General Assembly, which talks about the current and ongoing projects of the UPV CFOS SC. It also recognizes the initiatives and drives of the student council in addressing the students’ concerns and queries. The second part is the Halloween Party proper. The virtual party is composed of some games that build teamwork, showcasing Halloween costumes, and the latter part is about reading the spookiest stories experienced by the students.

Last but not least, How To Train Your Council is an online mentoring program specifically for undergraduate CFOS students interested in joining the student council. This program aims to hone aspiring student council officers on the specific duties and responsibilities of the incumbent council members. This year, the program had three sessions that discussed a) Orientation and All About CFOS SC, b) Basic Parliamentary Procedure and Resolution Building, and lastly, c) the closing program.

Being in a Student Council highlights the core of being an Iskolar ng Bayan – to which we uplift the marginalized and a servants of the people. Joining the student council fosters your leadership skills, communication, teamwork, and public speaking, which you will need in college. More than that, it also opens you to the reality of the fisheries sector and drives you to contemplate the plight and struggles of the fishers. We have been allowed to educate ourselves to share our insights and experiences with others, lend a hand in any way we can, and advocate for what we believe to be just and fair.


The Graduate Students in Fisheries Association (GRASFA) is a college-based student organization of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of the Philippines Visayas. Composed of the graduate students at the College, the UPV-GRASFA recognizes its role in promoting fisheries science and education, in developing and protecting the marine and aquatic environment and its diverse resources, and in the significance of collective effort, partnership and mutual support in creating a healthy academic environment and a dynamic learning process in our pursuit for quality education.

UPV-GRASFA has carried out various public service efforts to aid our fellow graduate students in partnership with GRASFA Officers and Members, with the assistance of its Partners and Sponsors. The public presentation of research carried out by our graduating students, dubbed as FISHour (Fisheries Information Seminar Hour), is one of longest-running public service activities. Therefore, our graduate students view attending scientific conferences and seminars as a great avenue in preparation for handling more weighty tasks in the future.

In addition to FISHour, the UPV-GRASFA has also recently launched InfoSeAS: Informative Seminars on Aquatic Science and Sustainability which is aimed to bring together alumni of CFOS and UPV-GRASFA to talk about their diverse expertise and recent innovations in fisheries science, ecology, aquaculture, processing, and management. Furthermore, the group is also launching the GRASCON, or Graduate Students in Fisheries Conference together with the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the UP Presence in Iloilo. GRASCon2022 will be the first student-led scientific conference for the graduate students of CFOS and is designed to prepare student participation to various local and international scientific conferences, all the while fostering meaningful discussions and camaraderie among UPV-GRASFA and CFOS Community.


The University of the Philippines Ichthyophilic Society (UPIS) is a socio-academic organization based in the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS), University of the Philippines Visayas, Miagao, Iloilo. Tracing its history, the organization was first founded on 19 August 1965 at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City, where the College of Fisheries was originally instituted. From there, it derived its name from two greek words, “icthys” meaning fish and “philos” meaning loving. The society has always been steadfast in involving its members in various activities that aim to serve the community and uplift the fisheries profession. With the active engagement of its alumni, the members continue to embody the values of the organization by actively organizing and participating in the society’s annual programs that aim to make a difference in the fisheries sector. Some of its most well-recognized activities include:


UP Fisheries Guild is a duly recognized socio-academic, service, and political organization of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of the Philippines Visayas. Founded on the common goal of uniting the students of the College and helping uplift the fishery profession of the Philippines, it is a daily foothold to remain steadfast in serving the Filipino fisherfolk and people.

It is not just any other organization, however. It is the only organization in UP Visayas to have earned the Best Student Organization award five times. With its results-oriented activities, it champions the fight to help economically disadvantaged fishing communities. It invests its efforts towards empowering immediate coastal locales, advocates for speaking truth to power, and labors for the amplification of the voices of the fisheries sector and industry.

It is a family. UP Fisheries Guild is the amalgamation of people from all walks of life. Connecting past and present generations of students, it is a pipeline that supports the dream of affording all backgrounds the equal opportunity to quality education and economic independence. It encourages suffrage and facilitates expression. Above all else, it works tirelessly towards realizing a Philippines where our fisherfolk are no longer poor and found wanting of the lives they deserve.

It is an ember that refuses to go out. UP Fisheries Guild has always sought to challenge the status quo and so as long as one member remains on the face of the Earth, it will continue to help the oppressed and marginalized reclaim their voices. In an era where justice is often silenced, it is a legacy that endures, a tradition that persists, and a fire that blazes onwards.

Joining IS will not only offer you a sense of belongingness but will also give you an opportunity to discover new things about yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and so much more. In here, you will also learn about 'professional development' and get a chance to build a multitude of networks by engaging/handling different activities conducted both inside and outside the campus. We treat each other like family and as such, you can always count on us to have your back and support you in your many endeavors should you decide to join our org. from these, IS will also give you an opportunity to explore the aspect of fisheries outside the walls and premises of the college. Who knows? Maybe you can even find your 'forever' here in our organization. So come and be a part of IS today! We will be waiting for you.
Novem Ylayron
UPIS Alumni
I am forever grateful and humbled to become a steward of service and leadership through my beloved UP Fisheries Guild. My Organization equipped me with the principles and values that influenced a big part of who I am today. From community services to camps, quiz bees, forums, etc., the Organization has always been true and creative in fulfilling its mission and vision as a socio-academic, service, and political Organization, touching the lives of many people and most especially its resident members and alumni. UPFG did not only hone my interpersonal skills but as well as my mental and emotional integrity which helped me become a well-rounded individual. It was a training ground for me in preparation for the post-college world. It taught me how to efficiently manage my time and most importantly myself, which has been a crucial skill especially when I was preparing for the Board Exam while working a full-time job.
Mary Gold R. David
UPFG Alumni
GRASFA or GRASFAm as we call it is some sort of my extended “family” in CFOS. We are an association in-charge in brainstorming activities to better the skills of our colleagues, forging partnerships with other organizations in public service, and as well as carry through public presentations of our postgraduate students. GRASFA had helped me to improve my networks, develop my skills in organizing online activities, and improve my communications skills, especially the confidence in dealing with people through all walks of life.
Hannah Mae T. Catalayban
GRASFA Representative


Against the turbulence: CFOS students thriving amidst COVID 19 Pandemic

It has been two years that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected our lives and morphed it into a different reality. We embraced living in the bubble of our homes while lurking in the digital world. Hence the transition to online learning brings immense challenges that significantly impact the students and educational institutions. Not everyone has the luxury to avail spontaneity and easy access to the digital sphere, let alone paying for mobile data packages. The role of educational institutions becomes crucial in ensuring quality learning despite these hurdles. Though these turbulent challenges were strong, are we strong enough to conquer them?

The campus grounds were emptied in the past years. CFOS park is now dead silent instead of the noises coming from vehicles and the students’ typical chismis and chikahan while eating under the shade of the big acacia tree. Due to the university’s revised admission qualifications, the newest batch of students could not experience what it meant to become an Iskolar ng Bayan. There were no cheers across the court and drum beats with fancy costumes accompanying the jive of welcoming these new students. It was a challenge socializing through our digital screens and pretending we were online, but we were asleep every synchronous class. These challenges were abrupt due to the transition in delivering lessons. Nevertheless, it was the only option to use and continue our education.

CFOS embodies its empathetic leadership and passionate service to the students by providing activities and programs with the student council, such as tutoring services, the Aklatan ni Diwata, the webinars for mental health, and the free USB and printed materials sent to the students upon request. These may not be the “end all be all” of the students’ problems, but they alleviate the circumstances for a while and makes it feel better. The college is also home to faculty members who give leniency to deadlines and submissions, so long as there is a proper walkthrough of communication. The college’s plans for the safe reopening of laboratories and facilities were carried through weeks and months of preparation and consultations. These were the ultimate reasons why graduating undergraduate, and graduate students were able to finish their thesis manuscripts and graduate on time. For now, the gates are slowly embracing more students as third years also experienced bridging exercises before being deployed at their practicum. These were ultimately among the proactive ways to bridge the skillset that the lab alternatively replaced at home set-up; then again, it is what the students need.

The forts of Mother Diwata will always tell us that turbulent waters are reminders that we are not alone in the challenges that we face; we have our friends, families, and even the faculty members who are interested in helping us swim these hurdles together. The ocean will always be wide and the turbulence can come across in different forms; as a CFOS student – are you willing to go through it all? And we say, “yes!”