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Istorya Lawod: Stories of our Oceans – IMFO

Stories that people hold can be as vast as the ocean. Like the waves, it may bring various emotions – joy, sadness, excitement, curiosity, and more. Istorya Lawod is a form of information education, wherein the bimonthly webinar series hosts marine scientists, fisheries managers, and more, into an interactive discussion forum that aims to reach a wide variety of audience such as the academe, stakeholders, and the industry. “Stories of our Oceans”, on the other hand, refer to the stories that the hosts tell the audience, about their job and the experiences that they had and have from the current line of fisheries profession that they are in, to inspire the future generation of fisheries professionals on the importance of fisheries and allied sciences. These experiences include those with people, fisherfolk, stakeholders, results of research and laboratory activities, and more.

In light of the pandemic that is affecting the entire globe, online platforms are used to deliver information to the audience. Three episodes have been delivered from March to July 2021 which talked on relevant issues, such as Microplastics, Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs), and the impacts of Fisheries Management.

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